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LIVE Webinar Series  With Dads Group

Dads At Work is a live Q&A webinar series about transitioning to fatherhood including everything we're not told about how to balance career with family responsibilities as a working dad. 

Parents At Work have teamed up with the founders of Dads Group to bring you this interactive ‘men’s-shed’ style discussion series.

Join the discussion with fathers across Australia as they explore how to successfully integrate career and family life alongside personal wellbeing. This is your chance to get some great advice from other working dads who have been there and know what it’s like.

For Dads

What is it like being a man with a career and a family in today’s society? The experience is certainly like no other time in history. Men are under more pressure than ever to be ‘the everything’ at work and at home. That's why we created the Dads At Work webinar series.

Webinars include:

  • Webinar 1 - Transitioning to Fatherhood for New & Expectant Dads
  • Webinar 2 - Returning to Work for Dads

For Employers

Become a member organisation and access the Dads At Work webinar series, executive coaching and events for your working dads.

  • Improve work and family balance outcomes for dads
  • Provide a forum for working dads to connect in your workplace
  • Enable and encourage men to take parental leave and engage in flexible work

Contact us for the full outline and ask about a customised working dads program for your workplace.

Mental Health for Dads
Celebrating Fatherhood

Dads At Work Facilitators

Dads At Work Facilitators
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Thomas Docking

Founder, Dads Group

Thomas Docking is the founder and CEO of Dads Group - a not-for-profit organisation that establishes peer support groups and events for new fathers across Australia. He has a corporate background with BHP, PwC and Global Tech Events.

The first dad's group Thomas attended was an informal catch up with a few mates with infants and it was there that he realised every expecting and new father needed to have a 'dad's group' experience to feel connected, competent and confident.

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Adam Tardif

Victorian Manager, Dads Group

Adam uses his skills from his extensive social work and sports leadership experience to deliver programs that create peer support groups for new dads rights across Australia.

Adam became a father in 2017 to his son William which is a dream come true, quite quickly Adam realised how amazing yet challenging parenting can be for him and his wife Caity. Adam loves to meet new people and socialise, so together with Dads Group Founder Tom Docking started his first dad's group in Melbourne a short time after William was born.