The suite of Parents At Work courses cater for every life stage and career transition point an employee will experience on their working parent journey.

What’s included?

  • A live interactive group webinar or face-to-face workshop
  • An online, self-paced toolkit with activities, valuable information and further resource links
  • A recording of the live webinar
  • Extra handouts the course facilitator may share

These courses help organisations:

  • Improve access to caring support for all employees
  • Design and manage effective, sustainable flexible working arrangements
  • Meet WGEA commitments and decrease potential pregnancy and caring discrimination issues
  • Build a broader, more diverse talent pool of leaders that have the support they need to advance their career as they balance work and caring demands

Our courses support people to:

  • Prepare for parental leave
  • Stay connected with their workplace and network whilst on leave
  • Prepare for their return to work
  • Negotiate flexible work arrangements
  • Review and develop career options
  • Clarify personal and family wellbeing needs
  • Address work-life balance challenges
  • Network with other working parents
  • Learn from leading parenting educators, leading health and wellbeing practitioners and executive career coaches

Each month Parents At Work invites a thought leader or experienced specialist to present and discuss a topic of interest to working parents. 


Delivered via live webinar this is an opportunity for working parents and their managers to engage with specialists on challenges or questions they may have on the chosen topic. 


We cover a diverse range of subjects. Explore our back catalogue and request a recording if you would like to listen to what we have covered so far.