“Improving the representation of women, and enabling their positive lived experience, is not something we can do alone. It takes an industry approach to attract and empower women in engineering and associated professions.”

Peter Chamley Chair, Arup Australasia

On 13 August, the Consult Australia Male Champions hosted their annual progress report launch and industry lunch. The purpose was to extend the learnings of the 13 member CA Champions network to the broader industry. This year’s focus was Balance for Better, an extension of the IWD theme but with particular emphasis on the benefits of overcoming limiting gender norms.

Consult Australia Male Champions of Change is a network of 13 Chief Executives and Managing Directors working collaboratively to increase the representation and influence of women within firms around Australia.

These industry leaders have signed the Charter of the Consult Australia Male Champions of Change - and they believe that 'to bring about change within the upper echelons of the built environment consulting industry would be a significant step in advancing equality in this traditional and male dominated world and these business leaders are taking a big step together.'

Parents At Work would like to acknowledge the incredible work the team from Consult Australia are doing in the Parental Leave Equality space. Our CEO, Emma Walsh, was a special guest at this event, where the Aussie Dads Photographic Exhibition was also featured.

"It was such an honour to be invited along to the annual MCC progress report launch for Consult Australia this week," Emma says. "The team of Engineering CEOs are doing amazing work in the Parental Leave Equality space."

Download the report Advancing Women in the Build Environments here (PDF).