At Parents At Work we care about your employees career and family wellbeing. We want them to feel energised and on purpose every day they walk through the office doors because we know a happy, thriving parent at home makes a happy, thriving employee in the workplace.

What is it?

Individual coaching provides you with the opportunity to discuss your career plans and parenting needs confidentially with a qualified executive career coach for up to 12 months. It is a personalised, one-to-one service delivered by an Executive Coach. It is designed to be flexible and to meet your needs. Coaching will help you to boost and sustain your career and family well-being assisting you to avoid the common pitfalls many working parents face. Your coach will work with you to create your own unique plan that supports you to achieve your ideal career and family goals. The coaching is suitable for employees (both men and women) who are parents and carers. It is ideally suited to people during parental transition or later when career and caring needs become complex or change.

How it works?

To enrol, express your interest and the Parents At Work team will contact you about your eligibility for the service. Coaching sessions are approximately 1 hour in duration, and can be conducted over the phone or face-to-face. You can expect to have three coaching sessions throughout the 12-month program, followed up by check-in calls and emails to see how you are progressing. Flexibility around when and how the coaching session is delivered is paramount, and is tailored for you. Most importantly, this is a confidential service and your privacy is maintained.

What you get

• Reconnect with ease as you transition to and from leave

• Elevate career and family life

• Create sustainable flexible work habits

• Feel in control and clear about career and family priorities

• Be inspired to review future career and family goals

• Gain resilience to work through new and unknown challenges

• Gain practical tools to achieve personal and professional goals

• Access confidential and independent career coaching experts to guide you through any change and challenge

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  • Returning to work, a new role and conducting a job audit
  • Creating a sustainable career path - managing your short and long term career needs
  • Resetting goals and priorities – personally and professionally
  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Manage expectations and priorities
  • Create career resilience


  • Building resilience and confidence
  • Cultivating a rewarding lifestyle
  • Making time for ‘you’
  • Improve your work life happiness
  • Improve flexible work habits
  • Making flexible working work for you, your manager, team and family


  • Re-balancing the family / work model
  • Explore family and life goals
  • Creating work and family rhythms that work for you
  • Ensuring your family needs are met
  • Managing conflicts
  • Managing expectations of self and others
  • Dealing with changes in identity and shifts in priority

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