The NSW Health Got It! Program has released guides for parents supporting children returning to school.
Download the parent’s guide here.

Resources for Parents

NSW Health’s Got It! Program has released helpful guides for parents who are now transitioning children back to school- based learning. Although produced by NSW Health, the guide is relevant for parents in all states and territories across Australia. The guide explains that children have experienced big changes recently and may find the transition back to normal schooling difficult.

The guide offers insights on:

– Maintaining connection whilst setting boundaries,

– Things to do to prepare,

– How to talk to your child about returning to school,

– Importantly, where to go for further assistance.

You can read the guide on the link below.

Resources for Children

Got It! has also provided activity sheets for children to help them process their feelings about going back to school.

Children may be experiencing a range of emotions such as feeling:

– Happy

– Excited

– Sad

– Worried

– Angry

– Nervous

It is important for children to know that the emotions they are feeling are ok. The activity sheets prompt children to reflect on these emotions, as well as who they can talk to about their feelings, things they missed at school whilst they learned at home, and things they are looking forward to in Term 2.

It will be useful to download or print the below worksheets and allow your child/ children time to fill them out, and then have a conversation about how they’re feeling.

State and Territory Specific Department of Education Resources

For families seeking further support you can also follow your local State or Territory Department of Education advice. Click on the links below for the most up-to-date information.

New South Wales:


South Australia:



Western Australia:

Northern Territory: