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Policy and Procedure

Four family-friendly policies workplaces need, says UNICEF

We know that family-friendly workplace policies have a far-reaching impact. From the employees who use them, to the organisations that implement them, and the families that they positively affect, when parents and carers feel supported in their workplace to be able to balance the pressures and needs of both their career and home life, then…

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New Parental Leave Policy sets Telstra apart as industry leader

Telstra have firmly placed themselves at the forefront of parental leave equality with the organisation’s new gender-equal policy that was announced in July. The new policy from the telecommunications industry leader has removed the distinction between primary and secondary carers and now offers all eligible parents who has been with Telstra a year or more…

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First National Working Families Survey Launched by Australian CEOs

Supporting Working Parents & Carers for Workplaces of the Future PRESS RELEASE July 4, 2019 A national study is being launched this month asking working parents and carers across Australia to provide feedback on how workplaces could be made more family friendly and gender equal when it comes to sharing the caring load. Parenting education…

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APLEN’s parental leave equality advocacy will support workplace gender equality

Women’s Agenda recently released a new article on the Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network (APLEN) highlighting the importance of parental leave equality advocacy, and the impact that the organisations involved are having as leading examples of family-friendly workplaces. APLEN is a network of organisations established as part of a commitment to lead UN global gender equality…

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Paid Parental Leave: How the two major parties compare

The ABC takes a look at paid parental leave and proposed changes in the upcoming election in their recent audio news report, ‘Paid Parental Leave: How the two major parties compare‘. Currently, parents get access to the government Paid Parental Leave Scheme set up in 2011, which gives the primary carer 18 weeks’ leave if…

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Who Said Men Don’t Want To Take Parental Leave?

It’s time to think radically about parental leave equality “There’s every reason to want men’s parental leave to be a mirror of women’s parental leave. And there’s every reason to believe it will never happen” according to Girard Dorney, HRM Online article last month Parental Leave for Men is a Great Thing We May Never…

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Achieving Parental Leave Equality Sydney: Roundtable Discussion Report

  ‘Despite the rapid rate in which mothers have returned to the workforce over the past 10 – 20 years, there has been almost zero shift in the percentage of men taking up parental leave or opting to stay at home as the primary carer.’ – Excerpt from Roundtable Discussion Report The first national roundtable…

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NEWS TODAY: What’s the link between ‘shared parental leave’ and ‘gender equality’? The UK Government thinks it’s big and today our Government announced a step in the right direction for Australian families


  This month, Elysia McCaffrey, the Deputy Head of the UK Government Equalities Office is in Australia touring with Libby Lyon’s Director of Australia’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency. Together they are reflecting on the progress made in Australia over the past five years when it comes to the gender pay gap, and how this compares to what…

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