Managing Your Career

How to say goodbye to ‘mother guilt’: balancing career and family

Podcast: ‘Not Guilty –  Balancing A Successful Career And Motherhood’ with Nicolette Rubinsztein and Emma Walsh Can a career mum have it all? And can we have it without the guilt? Nicolette Rubinsztein In this insightful and frank discussion, Parents At Work CEO Emma Walsh and author Nicolette Rubinsztein chat about Nicolette’s book ‘Not Guilty…

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Job hunting tips

  Are you struggling with job hunting? Perhaps you’re returning to the workforce after parental leave, or simply searching for that dream job that suits you? Satisfying the skills and experience needed for the job, building that stand-out resume, and nailing your interview can feel like an impossible mountain hike. We provide 10 applicable tips…

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Balancing work and family: Tips for single fathers

Single fathers today face a deeply rooted social bias that calls into question their ability to meet the demands of parenthood. It’s a prejudicial view that’s been around for decades. The New York Times reported 30 years ago on a study which found that single dads felt discriminated against because of an image which vilified…

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