As part of National Carers Week, Mother of 7, Sharon Gavioli, joins us in Episode 3 of the Caring for Carers Podcast Series; ‘Carer of Many‘. Here she shares her inspiring story from a burnt-out, overwhelmed carer, to a thriving carer in all her roles. Sharon is a registered nurse and adult educator who now leads a team of 17.

In the podcast she says “no matter how much caring I was doing, I always thought I wasn’t doing enough.” She’s now learned that “there’s no rules, it’s about feeling what’s needed”.

Sharon with her 7 children and husband of 39 years

Sharon believes there can be a dangerous “cross over between caring and mothering- in that we think we need to do it all.

In the podcast she speaks about her experience as a carer over many years, where she believes it’s all about checking in with them around what they needed, but also checking in with myself around what I could offer.

Personally, she has gone through a transformation from someone who was completely foreign to the concept of self-nurturing, to someone who now prioritises her wellbeing through making little changes such as going to bed earlier and taking 30 minutes to herself to prepare for the day each morning.

You can hear more practical tips from Sharon, and how you can be the best carer for your loved ones, in the podcast below.