Here’s a thought provoking TED talk for employers, policy makers and employees (that’s working parents, caregivers or indeed anyone with loved ones).

In “Can we all have it all?” US public policy maker Anne-Marie Slaughter challenges us to look at why and how we can change social attidudes around work choices – be those of the caregiving or breadwinning variety.

A few quotes to get you interested:

“Workers that have a reason to get home, to care for their children or family members are more focused, more efficient, more results focused. They have a wider network and experience. Caregiving itself develops patience, empathy, creativity, resilience, adaptability – those are all attributes that are ever more important in a high speed, horizontal, networked global economy. The best companies know this.”

Can we all have it all?

“A 2012 study of employers showed that deep flexible practices lowered operating costs and increased adaptability in a global service economy.”

Click the image on the right to hear Slaughter explain why shifts in work culture, public policy and social customs can lead to more equality — for men and women.