1 in 4 Employees

1 in 4 Employees

are actively looking or considering leaving their employer in the
next 12 months due to difficulties combining their job with family responsibilities

1 in 2 Women

1 in 2 Women

 and 1 in 4 men experience discrimination at work during pregnancy
and/or their return to work

57% of fathers

57%  of fathers

state that their parental leave is “too short”

1 in 5 parents and carers

1 in 5 parents and carers

are not comfortable talking to their manager about the
need for work and family leave

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Member Services

Becoming an organisational member of Parents At Work means you join a network of over 50 organisations committed to creating a family friendly workplace.

Membership plans are implemented as an extension of your internal HR function and support not only your employees but the managers and leaders who can actively participate in the program.

Organisations who partner with Parents At Work have access to our Parents At Work have access to our advisory team, education, tools and services including (but not limited to):

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Why Join?

  • Be part of a growing number of family-friendly employers.
  • Parents At Work membership gives your employees and managers unlimited access to our work + family services in one comprehensive package. These are available via a range of in-person and digital services covering various geographical locations to ensure all employees are offered the same value wherever they work from.
  • We partner with you to achieve recognition as a family friendly workplace.
  • Family-friendly policies and practices increase employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity while reducing absenteeism, disengagement and recruitment costs.

“One of the best measures of success of an organisation’s culture is how well it supports its people to thrive at work and at home.”

Emma Walsh, CEO, Parents At Work

Member Features

Work + Family Solutions for Employers, HR,
Managers and Employees 

We work in partnership with local and global organisations to implement best practice policy and
deliver education services for working families – for parents, carers, managers and HR teams.

For Organisations

  • Attract, engage and retain talent
  • Achieve recognition as a family friendly Employer
    of Choice
  • Improve gender equality
  • Enhance health & wellbeing of employees
  • Reduce unconscious bias and discrimination

For HR

  • Design and implement Family
  • Friendly Workplace practices
  • Review parental leave and
    flexible work policy
  • Develop best practice guides
  • Gain employee insights and
    measure work life engagement

For Managers

  • Manager Training - video guides
    and toolkit
  • Manager coaching 
  • Online learning platform
  • Communicating to managers of
    parental leavers
  • Face to face training

For Employees

  • Online Learning Platform
  • Parental leave transition toolkits and
  • Work Life Transition Coaching
  • THRIVE Masterclass
  • Webinars and Podcasts designed
    for dads, mums and carers

Whether you are looking to support one employee only or build an organisation wide program, Parents At Work can meet your needs.

Business Case

Increasingly, people want to work for inclusive organisations that care about their
career, family and wellbeing needs. In particular, millennial employees have high
expectations around work-life balance and place an emphasis on self-care.

Best practice employers want to retain their employees and ensure they remain
engaged and motivated in their careers throughout different transition periods. They
also want to attract gender diverse talent. Our program directly supports this.

The Business Case for Action

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There is a very strong business case for supporting employees with caring responsibilities – both men and women.

The return on investment for adopting family-friendly workplace policies is clear.

Elevation of your employer brand reputation as an Employer of Choice for women and men.

Improvement of business productivity through attracting the best and most diverse talent and increasing engagement.

Reduction in turnover costs due to work life conflict – we estimate an average cost saving of $40,000 for each employee you retain and would otherwise have replaced.

Reduction in cost of absenteeism through enhanced health, wellbeing and confidence of your employees.


Benefits of Working with Parents At Work
By working with us you will:

  • Have an end-to-end parental and carer transition program that delivers a family friendly workplace culture.
  • Promote gender equality by supporting and encouraging men and women to share in the caring and manage career and family life.
  • Boost support for key leaders and managers who are the gatekeepers that make policy and programs a success
  • Raise the awareness of unconscious bias and minimise legal risks associated with pregnancy and carer discrimination.
  • Enhance your reputation as a Family Friendly Employer of Choice (for women and men), attract the best talent, reduce the cost of staff turnover and increase levels of engagement.