Balance & Wellbeing


Parents and carers are more likely to feel less satisfied with their work life balance. The work life squeeze and everyday challenges we face is not improving – in fact, it’s increasing. It costs the Australia economy billions each year and studies have revealed that both men and women would take a pay cut if they could work more flexibly in their current job.
As busy working parents, how can we stay healthy and feel vibrant amidst our multiple work and family responsibilities? It’s all about balance and the quality in the way we choose to live. 
This course provides you with practical ways to balance your daily demands as busy parents and professionals so that you can take your career and family wellbeing to a whole new level – one that is sustainable.
Wellbeing reflects a combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and relationships health. It is strongly linked to feeling joyful and having a sense of purpose in life.
Course Topics

  • Balance in life – what does this look like
  • Physical and mental health
  • Exercise – maintaining physical
  • Sleep – sleep being a reflection of our day
  • Nutrition – feeling what your body needs
  • Managing Stress – being in the moment
  • Flexibility – having a flexible mindset
  • Positive relationships – setting a loving foundation in all relationships.
  • Expectations – how are these created
  • Making time for the things you need

Learning Outcomes
This course will support parents:

  • Clarify and deepen your understanding of your self-care and wellbeing needs for you and your family.
  • Develop strategies to help you create improved markers of health, vitality and joyfulness in your every day.
  • With checklists, tools and links to other services to access further support 

Who is this course for?
Everyone – parents, carers, grandparents, managers – even your children. It can be attended at any time in conjunction with the other courses.

The Balance and Wellbeing course provides you with a guidebook filled with practical tools, activities, valuable information and further resource links.
The course includes access to a group forum or live webinar hosted monthly by health and wellbeing experts who are equipped to answer questions on a variety of work-life related topics. You’ll also hear from other working parents on their experiences as we invite everyone to share their story.
Every webinar discussion will be different so it’s a great course to support a personal self-care and wellbeing program as you have the opportunity to track progress, ask questions and influence the discussion.