Balance & Wellbeing Program

Balance & Wellbeing Program


The Balance & Wellbeing Program is an in-depth look at well-being in all areas of life.


This program is specifically tailored to support busy provides with practical ways to balance their daily demands and responsibilities so that they can take their career and family wellbeing to a new level – one that is sustainable.


The program includes:

  • A 1-hour webinar hosted by health and wellbeing practitioner Katie Walls
  • A 40 page toolkit filled with practical tools, activities and further resource links
  • Private access to the Balance & Wellbeing Podcast with new episodes each fortnight


Providing parents with very real and practical tools for working with health, wellbeing and life issues the podcast is a live Q&A check-in point for exploring how to take greater care of themselves in their every day. Essentially it nurtures and supports parents through the changes they want to take for a healthier mind, body and family. 



Some of the topics covered include:


  • Re-assessing Your Health & Wellbeing – A path to sustainable change
  • Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm – What’s normal, what’s not?
  • Improving the Quality of Our Relationships – And how this affects our wellbeing
  • Self-care at Work – Managing stress and feeling well in a busy workplace
  • Parenting from the Inside Out – Looking after you when caring for another
  • Getting a Good Night Sleep – For working parents of children young and old