Family Friendly Workplaces

Australia now has a work + family policy blueprint and big business is on board...

In conjunction with National Families Week (15-21st May) which is all about creating "Stronger Families, Stronger Communities", we am extremely proud to announce the launch of Family Friendly Workplaces - a new initiative co-founded in partnership with UNICEF Australia introducing National Work + Family Standards to employers in bridging the work and family divide.

What is Family Friendly Workplaces?

Family Friendly Workplaces is a new certifying body providing employers with a policy and practices framework they need to become more inclusive and supportive of employees’ competing work and family needs. The National Work + Family Standards encourage employers to benchmark their own internal standards against nationally recognised best practice policy and practices.

18 months ago, Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia united with industry group APLEN, Karitane and other businesses & community leaders to take action following the challenging findings arising from the inaugural National Working Families Report in Dec 2019. The Covid-19 pandemic has only heightened the need for urgent action.

We are honoured to be supported by 20+ of Australia’s biggest employers including Commonwealth Bank, Deloitte, QBE, Novartis, Randstad RiseSmart and more – all of whom are early adopters of the program and will be the first in the country to be certified as Family Friendly Workplaces.

Why being family friendly is important?

“The tension between work and family life is no longer something government nor employers can afford to ignore, and if reduced, there is a compelling return on investment that benefits business, individuals and the wider community.”
Emma Walsh, CEO Parents At Work

A family friendly workplace culture positively impacts the quality of work-life for every individual and contributes to the wider health and wellbeing of our society and economy.

Why Family Friendly?

The last 12 months has fundamentally changed the way we work and address care in our community. It's a once in a generation opportunity to rethink how we rise to meet the challenges of integrating work and home life so we can make our workplaces more inclusive, more equitable, more productive and more flexible.

Be Certified...

Family Friendly Workplaces is holding an information session on Tuesday, 1st of June to give employers the opportunity to learn more about the standards and process of certification. The event is being hosted by Parents At Work and all employers are welcome to attend.

The future of work is family friendly!