How Fatherhood Impacts Your Career - Podcast

Alex Laguna, Founder of Better Dads

There’s much said and discussed about new mums and their return to work after having children, but sometimes dads can be a little forgotten. Many dads feel pressure to return to work after a couple of weeks off (if that) after their child is born as if nothing has changed, when in reality, their whole world has. Not only is their home life completely different and let’s face it, somewhat chaotic in those first few months, but their entire mindset shifts.

So how do dads deal with this? Are they dealing with it? Are we supporting them to? And what can we all do to ensure they’re thriving in both their career and home life?

In this insightful podcast, Alex Laguna, Founder of Better Dads, and Samuel Eddy, Executive Career Coach & Counsellor, join Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents At Work to explore the impact of fatherhood on a man’s career, including the positive effect raising a family can have. They also look at the numerous challenges that those new responsibilities can bring.

Samuel Eddy, Executive Coach and Counsellor

Many men (and women) dive headfirst into this new stage of life not having previously thought about how it may change their lifestyle or career. Alex advises to start the conversation early at home before your new baby even arrives.

“Talking to your partner about what your expectations are as a family unit,” Alex says. “And what direction you want to head in; [this] is a good place to start as then you have a direction to work in. Having some clarity around that and having you and your partner on the same page can really help in those early days.”

Sam shares his experiences coaching fathers as they venture into the new world of parenting and balancing family life with work life, and how that effects them.

“When you have kids and a family and you want to spend time with them,” Sam says. “There are a lot of practical things that need to be done and inevitably priorities have to change, and what I’ve found is that it’s a good way to get [a] real perspective on your career – [it’s an opportunity to say], actually, what’s really important to me now? What about my job is it that I’m really enjoying and loving?”

Listen to this candid podcast below to hear Alex, Sam and Emma discuss what’s stopping men from having the conversation about balancing caring responsibilities with work, and how dads can continue to have a thriving career whilst being the dad they want to be.