Women’s Agenda recently released a new article on the Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network (APLEN) highlighting the importance of parental leave equality advocacy, and the impact that the organisations involved are having as leading examples of family-friendly workplaces.

APLEN is a network of organisations established as part of a commitment to lead UN global gender equality efforts to advocate and advance parental leave equality in Australia.

The purpose of APLEN is to break the breadwinner / homemaker mould by educating and inspiring organisations with innovative policies, practices and case studies on how to lead a family friendly, gender equal workplace, starting with parental leave.

“Smart employers are sharpening their parental leave offerings to help create more gender equal workplaces, and play a part in shifting the balance on caring responsibilities at home.”

Emma Walsh, CEO Parents At Work

These organisations not only know that parental leave equality is a solid step towards gender equality in the workplace, but also realise the significant appeal they then have as ’employees of choice’, and that their organisations are able to attract and maintain best talent when it comes to working parents.

Read the full article at Women’s Agenda here.

To read more about the case for Paid Parental Leave equality and other family-friendly initiatives, download the Advancing Parental Leave Equality and Introducing Shared Care in Australia whitepaper.

Excerpts taken from ‘The network of employers getting more dads to take parental leave’, Women’s Agenda, 13 June 2019.