APLEN (Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network) is a network of organisations established as part of a commitment to lead UN global gender equality efforts to advocate and advance parental leave equality in Australia. Australia has the least generous statutory Paid Parental Leave scheme amongst OECD nations; men continue to take less than 5% of parental leave in Australia. APLEN's purpose is to break the breadwinner/homemaker mould by educating and inspiring organisations with innovative policies, practices and case studies on how to lead a family friendly, gender equal workplace, starting with parental leave. Parents At Work believe it is vital to shine a light on anything that prevents men from sharing the caring and thus take a lead role in initiating a number of APLEN initiatives to ensure gender equality on all fronts is addressed. For more information or to join the APLEN network visit www.aplen.com.au

Equal parental leave can be defined as policy that allows all employees to apply for the same parental leave entitlements, regardless of gender. These companies have declared equal parental leave entitlement for men and women and have eliminated the primary and secondary carer definitions. Parents no longer are required to choose between being a primary or secondary carer.

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If your organisation offers equal parental leave for men and women and would like to be added to our Employer list please email info@parentsatwork.com.au. We would love to promote your great work.

About the documentary

This documentary was commissioned and produced by Parents At Work - a social enterprise providing world leading education and policy advisory services to create family friendly workplaces.
Parents At Work brought the Swedish Dads Photographic Exhibition to Australia in 2017, in partnership with The Embassy of Sweden, the Swedish Institute and a collection of corporate sponsors. Award winning photographer Johan Bävman was invited to join the business leader and community discussion as well as take a series of Aussie Dads photographs on his visit.
This documentary highlights the issues that Australia - and many other countries face - when it comes to supporting men take parental leave. It also highlights the benefits to families, society and business when we support both men and women to take a more active role in caring for children in the early years of life.