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“If there is one good thing that we can say has come out of COVID I would say it is flexible work… we’ve proven its possible and anyone who previously said it wasn’t now really doesn’t have that solid base to stand on.”


Flexible working is not only becoming more accessible but is forming part of the baseline expectations of a business by the next generation workforce. With more dual income families and the 'sandwich generation' on the rise the relevance of flexible work is at an all-time high. This was also highlighted through the impact of COVID-19 on working conditions, proving that effective working from home is achievable in an array of businesses.


In this podcast, Keryn Mendes and Jamie Lingham from The Working World interview our Chief Services Officer, Kiri Stejko, about developing family friendly workplaces.

In the interview Kiri talks about how to build a family friendly culture within the workplace and what benefits will come from creating policies that cater to an employee’s individual carer needs.


“Managers really need to be open to the individuality of their teams, because we’ll get the best out of everyone if we allow them to work when they are at their best and where they can work their best.”


The interview also explores the role of Parents At Work’s new Family Inclusive Workplace™ certification which highlights the commitment a business has to supporting their employees’ work, family, and wellbeing needs.

Kiri explores the big business benefits organisations get from being part of the Family Friendly Workplace community driving for change in their workplaces.


To hear more about the certification and how workplaces are making lockdown work for their employees and their families . . .

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