This week (16 – 22 October) is National Carers Week all across Australia.  “National Carers week is about celebrating the outstanding contribution Australia’s 2.8 million unpaid carers make to our nation.”

Concerning Facts for Organisations

In 2016, a landmark study of Australian working mums and dads estimated the loss of productivity costs with managing work and family was $23.92 billion per annum.

Over 1 in 8 Australians (2.86 million people) are providing informal care

Recent research of 1000 professional mothers and fathers said they would take a new job with less money if it were more family friendly and flexible.

Only 13.2% of employers have a strategy for supporting caring responsibilities.

Workplaces with family friendly work life balance practices have an estimated 10% lower turnover compared to those not perceived as supporting work-life.

Common Issues for Organisations
  • Managers are ill-equipped to support parents transition to leave and return. Expectations often aren’t managed or realistic which can result in conflict.
  • Paid parental leave is over-relied on to retain and keep primary carers engaged in the parental transition period.
  • Job design and workplace culture make flexible work a challenge.
  • There is little support, if any, provided to working parents to help them balance the ongoing demands of work and career.
  • There is no internal parental leave educational programs and HR lack time and resources to provide support.
  • Women are more likely to opt-out of pursuing promotional opportunities and leadership positions due to perceived or real work life conflict making it more difficult for organisations to sustain a diverse workplace and meet its gender equity targets.
What Your Organisation Can Do for Carers

Firstly, should organisations recognise and provide support to their workers who are carers?  The answer is simple – if they want to get the best from their employees, who also happen to be carers then – yes.  Some carers are parents, and some care for younger or older family members.  No matter the caring situation everyone’s situation is different and they have different needs, so it’s important to recognise them and to provide support so they can do their best at work and also in their caring responsibilities.

At Parents At Work we specialise in delivering programs that support working parents through their organisations.  The organisation pays for the employee’s membership, which gives them access to our Parents At Work program.  It’s very similar to how many organisations pay for their employee’s gym memberships.

At Parents At Work we are on a mission to improve the lives of Australian working parents by creating family friendly workplaces of the future. For both Mums and Dads, the Parents At Work program aims to arm working parents with the know-how, confidence and practical solutions to thrive as a working parent.

The Parents At Work program offers a combination of:

  1. Executive Coaching delivered over the phone or in person.
  2. Online courses such as preparing for parental leave, returning to work, and managing your career as a working parent.
  3. Monthly access to a live webinars to support online learning.
  4. Access to special events with guest speakers on a variety of parenting and working topics such as managing toddlers and work, delivered via webinar.
  5. Unlimited access to our trained Career Concierge to answer any questions you may have as a working parent.

As you can see the Parents At Work program allows an organisation to outsource the entire work of supporting their working parents to experts in the field.

Want to access the Parents At Work program?

If you are an employer or HR / Diversity manager and are interested in accessing the Parents At Work program for your working parents and carers please contact us for a free 2 hour strategy session to support you to make a start in providing a family friendly workplace and become an Employer of Choice.

Contact us at or 02 9967 8377.