Daddilife, in partnership with Deloitte UK, has just released the findings from a major study they recently conducted into the challenges of modern working fathers.

The Millennial Dad at Work report interviewed over 2000 working dads between the ages of 24 and 40, across every region of the UK and throughout a broad range of industries.

The study looks at eight key areas related to work-life success, including a dad’s role at home, workplaces recognising the role of fatherhood, flexibility at work, work culture and the impacts of that, right down to whether dads are actively looking for another job and why, and mental health of working fathers.

Daddlife states, ‘There has been a steady change for mothers at work over the past two decades (albeit there is still much to do there). This research complements that shift, with a realization that unlocking the change for this ‘other 50%’ now holds the keys to creating genuine equality at work for dads and partners at large.’

The findings include:

Dads will move jobs to find better work/life balance

The research found that a third of dads had already changed jobs since becoming a father. In addition to that a further third were actively looking to change jobs.

This is incredibly important to note for employers, especially those who may still believe flexibility and ‘family friendly’ policies only impact women, and are not in the realm of interest for men. And even when fathers do bring this issue to the table, many employers are not listening – 40% of the dads interviewed had requested a change in working hours, but nearly half of them (44%) had been turned down.

The struggle of balancing work and home is real for dads

We know that the modern working dad wants to enjoy both work and family life, and be involved in child-raising and their every children’s everyday life. Unfortunately, they hit a lot of road blocks when they’re striving for this.

45% of dads sometimes or often experience tension from their employer when trying to balance work and family life.

37% admit that their mental health is negatively affected as a result of trying to balance work and parental responsibilities.

What businesses can learn from this research

For many organisations leading the way in parental leave equality and family-friendly practices in their workplaces, this research will come as no surprise. These organisations have already recognised what modern working families want, and they know that by providing opportunities for working dads to better balance their home and work life, they immediately become an employer of choice and a leader within their industry, and consequently are able to retain their top talent.

1/3 of dads have changed jobs since becoming a dad to try and find their optimal work/life balance.

39% of these fathers changed jobs get more flexibility to accommodate family responsibilities.

62% of all the fathers surveyed believe that more training is needed for line managers around dads in the workplace specifically.

As the study concludes, ‘The insights have surprised and at times shocked as to the scale of change needed. More new dads want a different role at home compared to what may have been the cultural norm in generations gone by.’

Read the full article at Daddilife here.

Download the full Millennial Dad at Work report here (PDF).

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Statistics taken from Millennial Dad at Work report, May 2019.