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Welcome to Parents At Work

Parents at Work is a world leading provider of education and coaching services
for workplaces, parents, carers and leaders.

Welcome to Parents At Work

Family friendly workplaces are thriving and productive workplaces.

Parents At Work is a social enterprise membership-based organisation providing world leading education and policy advisory services to create family friendly workplaces. We have provided over 100,000 families globally with vital family, career and wellbeing services.

We work in partnership with local and global organisations to improve gender equality outcomes at work and at home by:

  • Reviewing and developing family-friendly workplace policies and processes that support work-life integration and flexible working
  • Delivering best practice parental leave and return to work services
  • Providing employers access to latest research and thought leadership
  • Delivering educational roundtables, workshops and podcasts for employees
  • Linking employees and leaders to parenting, wellbeing and career education experts
  • Providing open access to an online education platform and parent/carer services
  • Showcasing employer family friendly initiatives to enhance the employee value proposition

Our membership is made up of global and local organisations and we've been recognised by the Human Rights Commission for our advocacy work.

Be recognised as a Family Friendly Employer

Be recognised as a Family Friendly Employer

Join Parents At Work and be part of our network of endorsed organisations who are committed to being a family friendly workplace. We will support you to meet and exceed the minimum requirements that set you apart as a Family Friendly Employer.


Employer Membership

Parents At Work know you value being an Employer of Choice. That’s why we work with you to  build your case for being an organisation people want to devote their career (and lives) to.

Parents At Work Membership gives organisations access to best practice polices, benefits and education which actively support managers, working parents and carers at different stages of life to successfully plan for and balance their career, family and wellness.

We provide online, on demand access to learning courses, coaching, unique events, a concierge service and access to an interactive working parent education platform full of tips, tools and other helpful content.

These services actively support managers, working parents and carers at different life stages to successfully plan for and balance their career, family and wellness.

We work with employers to support them to be a family friendly employer of choice.


For Individuals

Parents, carers and leaders, you'll have access to individual and group support via online and face to face learning tools and career wellbeing coaching.

  • Parental Leave and Return to Work transition planning
  • Explore and create flexible work options
  • On demand online career and parenting classes
  • Face to face Career, Balance and Wellbeing workshops
  • Access Executive Career & Wellbeing Coaching
  • Ask an expert via the Parents At Work concierge team
  • Online resource centre for care, career and family services
  • Working Dads connect group for fathers
  • Special events




Our Members - Family Friendly Workplaces

Giving Back

Becoming a member of Parents At Work means your organisation is giving back. Parents At Work donates its time and funding towards important research, gender equality and family advocacy initiatives designed to support parents and carers globally and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This includes initiatives like the National Working Families Survey, Aussie Dads Photography Exhibition, Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network (APLEN), fatherhood support to White Ribbon Australia, and more.

Membership Features

Parents At Work members are recognised as family friendly workplaces. 

Family-friendly policies increase employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity while reducing absenteeism, disengagement and recruitment costs.

Your organisational membership includes access to the following services.

Education platform

Working parents, their mangers and their partners have access to our on demand educational platform.  Ask us about a customised platform for your organisation

Open Learning Courses

Access to online and face to face courses on topics covering career, parenting, care and wellbeing.

Toolkits & Guides

Access activities, guides and tools to navigate career family and wellbeing. Share with your family members

Working Dads Program

This is a unique program for working dads to access support with career and fatherhood.

Executive coaching

Working parents have access to executive coaching to support them with career, or wellbeing.


Access to a concierge team to answer questions and direct enquiries.

Child & Aged Care

Access activities, guides and tools to navigate career family and wellbeing. Share with your family members. .

Educational podcasts

We have a wide range of educational podcasts on topics like career, parenting and wellbeing.

Manager Training

We have toolkits and learning programs for leaders so they can help employees transition or manage work and family demands 

Consulting & Specialised Services

Policy design

Parents At Work can support you to design and implement policies and strategies to ensure your organisation is family friendly.

Return-ship programs

Considering a return to work program to hire people looking to break back into the workforce?  Parents At Work can design and deliver a returnship program for your workplace.  See the Deloitte return to work program we support as an example.

Membership Benefits

Parental leave arrangements
that work for everyone.

An expert one-stop-shop that enables companies and managers to easily operate a fair and consistent parental leave process that is beneficial for everyone

A well-managed & successful return to work.

Tools and support for employees to plan for, negotiate and return to work in a way that works well for them and their manager

Win-win flexible working outcomes.

Flexible working arrangements for mothers and fathers
that deliver good company outcomes, including
improved productivity and loyalty.

Improved equality at work and home.

Ability for organisations to provide a fair and equal
opportunity for men and women to take on parental
and other caring responsibilities without it having a
negative impact on their careers or the potential for
pregnancy and caring discrimination issues

Boosted support for key leaders.

Fast track outcomes for key leaders
who need to return to work seamlessly.

Thriving employees building sustainable careers.

Helping people build sustainable career plans that
integrate with the rest of their life and improve
their wellbeing, resulting in improved
motivation, productivity and satisfaction.

Open Learning Courses & Coaching



This is an outstanding service that working parents should take advantage of when returning to work after a break. This will help you get perspective & work through any challenges that are unique to you. My Coach was wonderful - patient, caring and practical


I had been back at work after having my first baby for seven months when I realised I needed some additional support and engaged Parents At Work for three coaching sessions. These were brilliant; my Coach provided a different perspective and challenged my existing thinking in how I approached my career, work, family and self.


We have received extremely strong feedback about the Parents at Lendlease program delivered by Parents at Work for both our female and male employees.  The one on one coaching has been extremely successful offering our employees a personalised service to focus on their career and juggling the challenges of family and work.

I was given some great tools and guidance for getting over these "hurdles". I can't recommend this coaching program enough for new, or seasoned parents, or parents to be.


I wanted to share my feedback following the seminar yesterday. Even though I have been on maternity leave once before, I found it very helpful. The facilitators were great – they both speak from experience (personally and professionally) and it was helpful to be able to have a mini coaching group session with one of them at the end of the morning. It was also great to be able to walk away with a toolkit booklet


Thank you for the awesome program. It helped me realise other mums have the same challenges, helped me lift the constraints I have been placing on myself & gave me tools to make it happen such as using positive language when negotiating flexibility, getting mentors, taking action and networking. Thanks for the kick start.


Thanks for the Seminar. It was fantastic, the presenters were so professional, yet down to earth and I really felt I could open up about some of the issues I was facing. It was great to leave knowing that I can have greater confidence in my ability as a mum and a professional to get things working really well and that I can go after what I really want.

Membership enquiries

We service Australia, New Zealand, UK, US and Singapore and HK.

Sydney, Australia office - Suite 108, 7-11 Clarke Street, Crows Nest, NSW, 2068

Melbourne, Australia office - Level 3 Collins Street Tower, 480 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: +61 2 9967 8377